Scobie Fish & Oyster Company

Commercial fishing has long been a staple of Titusville’s economy. In 1885, a Connecticut fisherman named George W. Scobie arrived in his schooner and established what would eventually become a large fishing fleet. With the arrival of the railroad, the Scobie Fish & Oyster Company became a major supplier of seafood to the cities of the East Coast. He also operated a local ferry service with his steamer Ancient City.


The Scobie Family and the early days of the Titusville Fishing Industry Excepts from an oral history interview by Nancy Yasecko with Mary Elizabeth "Beth" Scobie June 27, 2017 Source:


Boats of the Indian River fishing fleet Source: North Brevard Historical Society and Museum
View of the city pier with warehouses and other buildings. Source: North Brevard Historical Society and Museum
The Lorillard Boat Company, located on the city pier, specialized in the construction of small fishing boats. It was founded by a member of the famous Lorillard tobacco family. Source: North Brevard Historical Society and Museum
Interpretive panel Source: City of Titusville
George Scobie, aboard his steamer Ancient City Source: Scanned photo restored by Ed Kindle from an image in the collection of the North Brevard Historical Society and Museum
An 1887 view of the fishermen's buildings along city pier, also known as "Mullet Row." The Scobie warehouse is at the center. Source: Roz Foster
A Day's Catch, Indian River, Florida. The Indian River was a bountiful source of seafood and its shipment up and down the East Coast was a major source of the city's early prosperity. Creator: From the collection of Jeanne and Jim Kenaston, Titusville Florida


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