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The Walker Hotel and Apartment Building

Perhaps the most imposing building in the commercial district, this Spanish Colonial Revival structure was built in 1924-5 for George Walker, a Miami businessman. Designed by the architect Martin L. Hampton of the Miami-based firm of Hampton-Ehman, it has three stories with a one-story arcade running the length of the façade. It originally contained thirteen apartments and twelve hotel rooms on the second and third floors with the first story devoted to retail stores and office space. In 1926 the first-floor spaces were occupied by the Ford Office Equipment Company, the Postal Telegraph Cable Company, the Clermont Cafeteria, the real estate office of J.D. Fulton, and W.H. Servant's Dry Goods Store. Note the ornamental details of this building such as the relief of the sailing ship over the central arch in the arcade.


Roz Foster on the heyday of the Walker Hotel and Apartments Source: Background Music: Take Me to The Land of Jazz by Bert Harvey (1919)


The Walker Apartments and Hotel today Source: Photo: Coherit Associates
Main entrance on South Washington Ave. Source: Photo: Coherit Associates
Detail of sailing ship over the entrance Source: Photo: Coherit Associates
Walker Building soon after construction Source: Ed Kimble and the North Brevard Historical Society and Museum
View of the Titusville Bank and Walker Building toward the southwest Source: City of Titusville
Reception desk during restoration work Source: City of Titusville
Main staircase and lobby during restoration work Source: City of Titusville
Postcard view of South Washington Ave. with bank and Walker Building on right Source: North Brevard Historical Society and Museum


302-310 South Washington Ave. Titusville FL


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