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Seminole Rest Historic Site

A cluster of well-preserved shell mounds overlooking the Indian River

With early settlers' houses built on top of ancient Shell Mounds, Seminole Rest embodies the vast scope of Indian River history

Containing a complex of shell midden mounds, the largest of which is known as Snyder’s Mound, this site is a largely intact example of a processing and disposal center for clams, oysters, and fish caught by native groups in the Indian River approximately 900–450 years ago. The enormous volume of shells accumulated here testifies to the seasonal use of this site for hundreds of years. Earlier evidence of native occupation of this site in the form of distinctive pottery fragments dates further back to the Orange Period, approximately 4,000 years ago. The interpretive panels along the half-mile wheelchair accessible walking path present the history of this and other shell mounds that once dotted the banks of the Indian River. The site also features historic structures built by early settlers beginning in the 1870s, as well as panoramic views of the Indian River.


The Instone House, built atop Snyder's Mound
The Instone House, built atop Snyder's Mound The house was constructed sometime prior to 1890 and may have been moved from its original location elsewhere on the mound. Source: National Park Service
Trail to the west of Snyder's Mound
Trail to the west of Snyder's Mound Source: Photo: Coherit Associates
View of Snyder's Mound from the west
View of Snyder's Mound from the west Source: Photo: Coherit Associates


207 River Rd., Oak Hill FL 32759 | Hours: Daily, 6am to Dusk Admission: Free Amenities: Parking, Restrooms, interpretive panels, wheelchair accessible walkway Phone: (321) 267-1110


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