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Titusville FEC Railroad Station

A quiet reminder of the great days of Train travel

Closed and surrounded by fences, the historic Titusville train station is a reminder of earlier eras and ways of life

The establishment of Titusville as a regular stop on Henry Flagler’s Florida East Coast (FEC) Railroad in 1893 inaugurated a new era for the city. Rail connections to Northeast and Midwest cities brought an ever-increasing flood of wintertime visitors to Indian River country and points further south. The FEC constructed the Titusville passenger and cargo station as a wooden frame vernacular structure, similar to others throughout the United States in the late nineteenth century. In 1925 it was stuccoed and remodeled in the Spanish Revival style, characteristic of Florida architecture through the 1920s. This station went out of use in 1963 with the end of passenger service by the FEC. The station building is still owned by the FEC and is used for storage.


Edward Poe on the importance of the Florida East Coast Railroad to Titusville Excerpts from an oral history interview for the Brevard County Historical Commission conducted by Nancy Yasecko, March 30, 1995 Source:


The Titusville FEC RR station today Source: Photo: Coherit Associates
The Titusville FEC station during remodeling, 1925 Source: Ed Kimble and the North Brevard Historical Society and Museum
The station during the 1920s Source:
The busy freight platform Source: Roz Foster and the North Brevard Heritage Foundation
President Franklin Roosevelt boarding the train in Titusville on March 26, 1936. The new station is in the background. Source:
The original Titusville station, built in 1893 Source: North Brevard Historical Society and Museum
Another view of the first FEC station platform Source: North Brevard Historical Society and Museum


400-498 Watson Ave., Titusville, FL 32796


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