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Titusville Hardware Store

Built around 1913 for the Titusville Hardware Store, owned by H. P. Jepson, the interior of this building retains its original tin ceiling and heart pine floor. Before the 1895 fire, it had been the site of Oliver & Budge Hardware & Lumber. It now serves as the taproom for the Playalinda Brewing Company.


The Titusville Hardware building today Source: Photo: Coherit Associates
The original Oliver & Budge Hardware and Lumber store, before the 1895 fire. Source: Ed Kimble and North Brevard Historical Society and Museum
The exterior of the of the Playalinda Brewing Company Taproom preserves the building's long heritage. Source: Playalinda Brewing Company
Interior view with original ceiling and shelves Source: Playalinda Brewing Company
Taproom with original tin ceiling and hardware shelves Source: Playalinda Brewing Company


305 South Washington Ave.


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