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Van Croix Theater

Built in 1926 for Arthur Van Croix, a Melbourne silent movie theater owner and real estate investor, this multipurpose structure butted George Scobie's Old Post Office building. It contained a 1,000 seat theater, three retail stores on the first floor, and seven offices and 18 hotel rooms on the second floor. It was reconstructed by WPA workers in 1939 and used as a high school gym and community center.


Edward Poe on Saturday matinees at the movies Excerpts from an oral history interview for the Brevard County Historical Commission conducted by Nancy Yasecko, March 30, 1995 Source:


The Van Croix Theater building today Source: Photo: Coherit Associates
The Van Croix Theater at the far right. Source: North Brevard Historical Society and Museum
Dismantling the marquee of the Van Croix Theater building in the 1950s. Source: Ed Kimble and the North Brevard Historical Society and Museum


21 Main St. Titusville, FL 32796 | Privately owned


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