Architectural Gems of the Indian River

During the early decades of the twentieth century, many of Titusville’s civic leaders and prominent businessmen constructed residences along the western bank of the Indian River to take advantage of the sea breezes and in some cases to build private docks to give access to the waterway. The architectural styles vary widely, ranging from modest frame vernacular and bungalow, to more elaborate Queen Anne, Georgian, Colonial, and Spanish Revival. A leisurely stroll down Indian River Ave. and Riverside Dr. can allow you to view these architectural gems.

This tour can be made completely on foot (just under 2 miles round trip) or can be done in segments, parking and walking to view the houses listed below. Please note that all these homes are privately owned. Some are known by the names of their original owners; others are identified by their address.

Brady House

Built: c. 1902 Style: Queen Anne Revival The Brady Family opened the first grocery store in Titusville in 1880 at the corner of Julia Street and Washington Street. L.A. Brady lived in this house with his wife, Daisy, and raised three children…

Wager House

Built: c. 1891 Style: Colonial Revival In 1875, Perry E. Wager came to Titusville and began operating a grocery store at this site, with a dock extending into the Indian River. Wager and his son Ellis published Titusville's first newspaper,…

Robbins House

Built: c. 1901 Style: Dutch Colonial Revival George Robbins served as superintendent of the Mexican Central Railway for two years. He returned to the U.S. and attended law school. Following graduation, he moved to Florida and was admitted to the…

Carlton House

Built: c. 1929 Style: Masonry Vernacular One of the original owners of the house, H.J. Stephens, was a local physician in Titusville. The house was later occupied by Judge Vasser Carlton. Judge Carlton was elected County Judge of Brevard County…

Dobson House

Built: c. 1915 Style: Bungalow This house built as an investment property by Mr. Thomas G. Knight, owner of the Superior Motor Works Company. He sold the house in 1920 to William B. Dobson, who published the Cocoa Star newspaper and purchased the…

Scobie House

Built: c. 1915 Style: Frame Vernacular This house was built by the family of George Scobie, who founded the commercial fishing industry in Titusville.

Conkling House

Built: 1914 Style: Bungalow The structure was originally home to Homer and Sarah Conkling. It was a kit home, "The Hazelton Model," sold by the Sears, Roebuck and Company.

Spell House

Built: c. 1911 Style: Queen Anne Revival Dr. James Spell was the first licensed pharmacist in Titusville and operated the Banner Drug store in the downtown commercial district.