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Arthur Dunn Airpark

Titusville's First Airport

Titusville’s first aviation center, the Arthur Dunn Airpark, was established as a county airport in 1927. It was originally a 45-acre property leased to Brevard County by three local families to be used as an emergency landing strip for the US Airmail. During the initial term of the lease, Mr. Arthur Dunn, then serving as a Brevard County Commissioner, supported the acquisition of an additional 40-acre tract located north of the emergency landing field. This act of support for the small airport was acknowledged by county leaders by naming the field after him. The leases on the entire 85-acre property remained in effect until 1947, when the county purchased it primarily as a base for its mosquito control operations. During WWII, it was also used as an auxiliary training field for navy pilots operating out of Sanford Airfield and the Titusville-Cocoa Auxiliary Field, now known as Space Coast Regional Airport. In 1966 the county transferred ownership of the Arthur Dunn Airpark to the Titusville-Cocoa Airport Authority. It is now used as a base for skydiving and private aviation.


James Mizell on the Arthur Dunn Airpark and the problem of mosquitoes Excerpts from an oral history interview for the Brevard County Historical Commission conducted by Nancy Yasecko, March 27, 1995 Source:


The airpark today Source: Photo: Coherit Associates
The airpark today Source: Photo: Coherit Associates
The airpark today Source: Photo: Coherit Associates


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