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Fox Lake Park

An ideal destination for picnics, boating, and hiking on the edge of the St. John's River watershed.

To the west of Titusville lie the lakes and hammocks that adjoin the main channels of the St. John's River, a landscape that has been inhabited since prehistoric times.

Covering more than thirty acres of parkland, wetland, and lake, Fox Lake Park serves as a gateway to the Fox Lake Sanctuary, where a number of archaeological sites occupied at various times from the Late Archaic to the Malabar Periods (5,000-450 years ago) have been identified. The trailhead into the Sanctuary is located near the Fox Lake Park boat ramp, leading to hiking trails that extend for 7 miles into and along the eastern edge of the St. Johns River wetlands. The Native American groups in this area harvested freshwater snails and mussels, disposing of their shells at sites that eventually became high mounds, some of which were used for burial. The flooded, thickly overgrown landscape here provides a contrast with that of Native American settlements in the dune ridge along the Indian River.


Fox Lake Source: Brevard County Parks and Recreation Department
19th century engraving of ancient mound in St. John's watershed
Excavation of ancient shell mound in St. John's watershed in 1893 Source: Florida Memory: Florida State Library and Archives


4400 Fox Lake Rd., Titusville, FL 32796 | Hours: Daily, 8am – 7pm Admission: Free Amenities: Parking, Restrooms, Playground, Picnic Tables Phone: (321) 264-5037


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