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Windover Archaeological Site

A unique discovery from Florida's remote past

It all began with a bulldozer clearing land for a new housing development. It led to an unprecedented wealth of finds from 8000 years ago.

A historic marker tells the story of one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the Western Hemisphere. The marker narrates the circumstances of the excavation and its important finds, which represent one of the largest known collections of burials and associated grave goods from the Archaic Period (8,000-7,000 years ago). The finds from excavations conducted from 1982-1984 by Professor Glen Doran of Florida State University and a large team of archaeological specialists and volunteers included a wide range of stone, wood, and bone artifacts, as well as amazingly preserved textiles and cordage. These artifacts and the accompanying burials were uncovered in the thick, wet bog layers at the bottom of a small pond, making the excavation particularly difficult. The site offered archaeologists an unprecedented glimpse at the lifeways and craft skills of the Archaic inhabitants of the area.


Windover Archaeological Site Now located on private property, the shallow pond yielded rich finds from Florida's Middle Archaic Period (8000-7000 years ago) Source: Photo: Roy Klotz MD 
CC BY-SA 3.0
Windover Site Historic Marker Source: Photo: Coherit Associates
FSU Archaeologists screening the mud from the Windover pond bottom for artifacts or other archaeological remains.
FSU archaeologists excavating a drained portion of the Windover pond site.


Located near the intersection of Windover Way and Windover Trail in Titusville | The historic marker is located close to the street. Be careful parking as the shoulder on the opposite side of the street can be extremely wet and muddy.


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